What is the Bydgoszcz City Card?

Bydgoszcz City Card is a card that will enable Bydgoszcz inhabitants to use various municipal services. From September 2010, it will serve as a carrier of Bydgoszcz public transportation tickets.

Bydgoszcz City Card format resembles the traditional ATM card. On the front of the card, there is a space for the user name and photograph, and for the card identification number. Inside the card, there is an electronic memory system, which records the card user data and, from September 2010, the electronic public transportation tickets.

Bydgoszcz City Card is a contactless (touch-free) card, which means that in order to use it (buy a ticket or check the validity of the ticket), it is sufficient to bring it to an appropriate device that will decipher it (a ticket vending machine or a terminal at the ticket sales point).

The system in which Bydgoszcz City Card operates enables its development and its use as a carrier of various services. In the future, the card will enable access to various institutions (private and public). It will be possible to pay with it for entering sports, cultural or entertainment events organized by the city.